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Do you have a busy switchboard???

Is there more you would like your customers and others to know about your business or products???

Are you getting optimal value from your PABX facilities???

The solution might be simpler than you think!…

…The period of time during which your incoming telephone callers are kept “on-hold” is an often overlooked opportunity to present your products, services, special offers, personnel or public relations information to your customers, clients and suppliers.

Not only is an unavoidable delay being positively utilised but your caller is also being entertained and informed ….. at his own expense!

The caller “on-hold” does not feel abandoned and his perception of the delay is minimised, allowing your busy switchboard operator to answer calls sooner and process them in an orderly way, promoting a perception of efficiency with the consequent benefits to your company’s image.

Long silences, bells, beeps and synthetic music are all extremely irritating to your valued clients and totally non-productive for you …. Or worse still – commercial radio on hold - more than likely playing your opposition’s ads to your callers on your telephone system!!!

Adwise Promotions offers an opportunity to convey messages and information relevant to your business, products and image, providing added value from your telephone system as well as improving switchboard efficiency.

Statistical information (AT&T research) tells us that on average 7 out of 10 callers are placed “on-hold” and that 25% of “on-hold” calls are abandoned!

When viewed in the light of these facts and considering the amount of money spent generating these calls from your valued clients or customers (advertising and promotional activities), against the amount spent handling them, one immediately sees the benefit of such a system in terms of cost and efficiency.

Seasonal opportunities, promotions, personalities and advertising strategies can all be fully exploited by adapting the content of your messages.

For a little over R10.00 a day, your business could be served every minute of every month, all year round by an “on-hold” message system - a cost effective and dynamic communication link with your company’s customers and suppliers.

Adwise Promotions will provide and install a system which includes the necessary hardware and professionally recorded voice messages tailored to your individual requirements with selected mood music backgrounds.

The system connects easily to the music-on-hold input source of your existing PABX, providing non-stop playback of your final programme.

Your installation and service is provided on a rental basis and is managed, maintained and updated quarterly if required, at no extra cost.

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